Health Care Professionals


Reasons to Add Alpha-Stim Technology to Your Practice

 *  Helps increase the scope of your practice by adding in-office treatments.

 * Treatments can be done in office by trained staff members .

*  Offer your patients the option to use device at home. (rent or sell devices) 

*  Can be used with patients on medication very effectively. 

*  Very effective when used to titrate narcotics and other addictive medications. 

* Research has shown efficacy in pain management, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

*  Well tolerated with low adverse reactions.

* Increases patient's over-all  functioning.

* Offers a  comprehensive treatment plan.

* Residual effective long term results.

*  Licensed practitioners may dispense device to your patients.

* Patients are very interested in non-medication options from health care providers