We have over 20 years of combined experience working with patients who suffer from a variety of headache types.  The most common headaches we treat are: complicated migraines, hormonal migraines, cluster headaches, sinus headaches and tension headaches. 


Over 10 % of the total population is affected by headaches. We spend millions of dollars trying to treat them, from a simple aspirin to more serious  medications. Most individuals are put on more than one medication usually with problematic side effects. Some of these medications are very dangerous when taken too often. Initially, the medications provide temporary relief, however, when taken over long periods of time, the medications often cause a rebound effect. In other words, the medicine eventually, when taken for a long period of time, actually causes the headaches.  Due to the complicated nature of headaches, a holistic approach to care works best. For example, use the Alpha-Stim device, add exercise, avoid headache-causing foods, and take time out to relax, identify your own  triggers and look at ways to reduce worry and stress in your life.      


Most migraine and chronic headache patients, become very discouraged with the medical model of treatment, mainly due to drug side effects and because they still have headaches on a daily or weekly basis. This leads to frustration, depression, anxiety, anger, lack of energy, and trips to the Emergency Room for treatment when in severe pain.  They feel various triggers and always know when a slight headache will turn into a migraine…Always! Using the Alpha-Stim 100 helps eliminate migraines over time by treating the brain (helping enhance the brainwave called Alpha which is associated with a calm focus). Plus, more importantly, Alpha-Stim has the ability to treat the head-neck-shoulder muscle tension which is almost always associated with this condition.    


Always, see a neurologist to make sure your headaches are not a sign of a more significant problem. Once you know there is not a more serious problem, then you can begin to get relief with either the Alpha-Stim SCS which works on the brain only, or Alpha-Stim 100 which works on both the brain and the body. Please call us for our recommendation on which device will best help you based on your symptoms.  You can get relief today!                 


Without  costly drugs   

In the comfort of your own home      

At your own convenience   

At  affordable prices


In our practice we have worked with many individuals to stop a headache from turning into a migraine and in several cases, patients have come to the office for a treatment which has kept them from making a trip to the emergency room. You can do this at home very easily with Alpha-Stim.

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Alpha Stim download full text article