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Date: October 22, 2008
Author: Robert E. Longo, LPC, NC
Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Indications: Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression

We have been using the Alpha-Stim® 100 (the CES component) at our hospital for over 18 months, with both residential and acute care patients, ages of 12 and older.  We primarily use CES to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia; however, we have used CES to treat pain, headaches, migraine headaches, and aggressive behaviors.  We survey patients pre and post treatment, and have had excellent results and compliments from all patient groups. The  majority of patients report feeling a decrease in pain (when pain is a problem), and a reduction in headache pain (when headaches have been present.  Most impressive, we have found that the clear majority of patients report feeling calm and relaxed, even after just one treatment. Those with sleep problems generally report sleeping better with Alpha-Stim®. When used daily, we have seen a reduction in aggressive behavior in patients who have an aggression problem. When using the Alpha-Stim® in conjunction with diaphragmatic breathing and thermofeedback, we have had good success helping patients calm down migraine headaches.   The Alpha-Stim® is an excellent treatment tool.  Our standard protocol is to combine it with peripheral biofeedback for patients who are learning self-regulation and relaxation skills.  Patient use the Alpha-Stim® simultaneously while practicing diaphragmatic breathing and peripheral biofeedback and/or HeartMath.  Our patients look forward to coming into our Stress Reduction Clinic and Biofeedback Lab.

Date: October 17, 2008
Author: JoAnn Blumenthal, MS, MA, LMHC, BCIA-EEG
Location: Naples, Florida
Indications: Pain

I fell about a month ago from the top of a tub on a tile floor and broke my arm/wrist in 3 places! One week later I had surgery, a titanium plate and 8 pins to correct the problem. Needless to say, I felt forced at first to take the narcotics prescribed because the pain was excruciating. However, I had so many side effects (e.g., spaced out, nausea, lack of hunger, unable to drive, anxiety, and the list went on and on). I had to stop taking them, so I could run my business and function. More importantly I wasn't getting better, and it almost impossible to get through the day. I have a new compassion for people in pain. Just trying to do normal daily tasks like opening a bottle of water, washing my hair, preparing food, typing on my computer were literally impossible. Then it dawned on me..HEY, get to the office and bring home my Alpha-Stim®100. I put the AS-trodes on and have been wearing it 24/7 for the last 3 days! What a difference, obviously,  I am typing this email to you!! The pain has diminished to a zero or a one from a 10 (being the most pain one can have) and I can put my hand on the steering wheel and use it to drive! This seems like a small thing, but when we can't do things we take for granted, it can make life miserable!  I am  back to seeing my patients in the office and working with the kids at the school. I am so thankful for my Alpha-Stim®100! I have used the SCS many times over the last 8 years with great success and the AS-100 for minor neck/back pain and the occasional headache. I never had unbareble pain in the past, but now I know how many of my patients feel on a daily basis. I have heard people tell me the Alpha-Stim®100 is like a miracle, now I know first hand that this is the truth!

Date: September 15, 2008
Author: Harry Nakata, DDS
Location: San Pedro, CA
Indications: Pain, Anxiety

As you already know, I've been using your Alpha-Stim® since 1982. I orignally purchased it to help my wife and myself for headaches. Needless to say, it became the best investment of my dental practice. My wife was diagnosed with TMJ problems and the machine gave her so much relief. My patients who had difficulty opening their mouths, were treated with this machine and found that it relaxed the muscles. The ear clips were used to relax patients who had anxiety problems. My daughter, who had four impacted wisdom teeth removed at once, preferred the machine to pain pills. It cut down the swelling and bruising immediately. Patients with cold sores found the lesions reduced in size the next day and were able to tolerate mild discomfort. Now that I'm retired, it has become my household miracle machine. It is used for sprains, bruises, headaches, etc. I have not taken Tylenol in years! Thank you for inventing this machine!  

Date: August 28, 2008
Author: Natalie Dowty, PT, MS, MPT
Location: Omaha, NE

I just want to thank you and your company for offering such wonderful products and service.  I am a physical therapist in private practice and have used the Alpha-Stim® 100 with great success to treat both my patients and myself.  My patients are often amazed how much better they feel after just one treatment. I am grateful for the ability to mitigate the overuse of private practice on my own body.  Although the Alpha-Stim® unit is more expensive than other hand-held microcurrent devices traditionally used in physical therapy, dollar-for-dollar Alpha-Stim® has greater value. Alpha-Stim® improves upon traditional microcurrent with more versatility of treatment options, greater depth of treatment response, and substantive research validation. I am thrilled with my investment.